Using SEO to Promote Your Landscaping Business: The Long-Term Approach

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Landscapers are often looking for better ways to attract more clients. 


New businesses tend to accept any offer and jobs they can get. But the Landscapers who have some skin in the game are more focused on high-quality clients. This is when many turn to SEO.


High-quality clients tend to pay better and don’t complain as much as the cheapos.


So, what is the best way to get more high-quality clients for your landscaping business?


You’ve seen it said by many to rely on referrals and word of mouth. It’s true, and nothing can beat the power of building a satisfied client base who wants to return the favor.


If you don’t have that going for you yet, buckle up and grind until you do.


But since you’ve found this article, I’m sure you’re aware of digital marketing. If you don’t know what digital marketing is, it’s promoting your business on the internet. It’s still entirely new, and people are starting to catch on.


There are many types of digital marketing, but the two that are popular are PCC (paid ads) and SEO.


PPC is pretty much the ads you see on Google and Facebook. These two forms of digital marketing can bring in quick results. If you use them the right way, you’ll get your business rolling fast right out the gates.


While SEO is more of a long-term strategy that starts slow and snowballs fast, you won’t be seeing much results for several months. If any results, they may be minor.


Pretty much one option is like your promotion on steroids, while the other is natural and organic.


Depending on your budget, you can make either work for you.


The thing with paid ads is it can get quite expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing. And if you run out of money, you’re out of the game until you can start paying Google and Facebook to rerun your ads.


We’re going to focus more on the natural approach.


Let’s get to it

Addressing Concerns Many Have For SEO

Because SEO’s growth takes quite some time and lack of immediate results, it often gets a bad rep. Back when SEO was mysterious and entirely unfamiliar, people would say it’s fake or a snake oil service.

It used to be quite a grey area. People could cheat the system and get on the first page of Google by using hacking software.
But now, it’s different. With more strict rules and changes in Google’s algorithm, SEO works, and it works well.

The thing that makes businesses so attracted to SEO is that when it starts working, the results last. Not only that but the results compounds over time.

The more keyword you rank well for, the more traffic you get for your website, which means more leads every day.

Being On First Page Of Google Gets Your Landscaping Business All The Clicks

If your website isn’t on the first page, you aren’t maximizing your website’s potential. It could be making you more money.

“So not being on the first page of Google won’t get you any clicks?

You will get some clicks, but don’t expect to have your phone ringing on a daily though.

Most likely, those clicks are from bots or SEO companies looking to sell you SEO services.

Here’s an article from Forbes stating that the majority of clicks come from the first page. The report says, about 71% – 92% of clicks come from the first page of Google. 15% goes to the paid ads, 67% goes to the top 5 organic positions on page one, and 3% goes to lower ranks and so on… Being anywhere but the top 5 positions on Google will not get your website doing any work for you. 

The more clicks, the more visitors you get.

The more visitors you get, means more chances of them becoming leads.

The more leads mean more prospect to qualify and land high paying projects.

It’s simple as that. But you won’t see that if you’re not on the first page of Google.

“Ok, well, I’ll use Google paid ads to get on the first page and get all the clicks…”

Let’s talk about the Long-Term strategy and why you should focus on it if you’re a business owner.

Thinking Long-Term For Your Landscaping Business

As a business owner, you should be thinking long-term from the get-go. Many landscape business owners want to grow their business to a 15 man crew, and that will take some time.

SEO can assist you with that goal alone. Of course, you can explore paid ads to quicken the process. But we recommend having a solid foundation or organic leads first. The reason is when your paid ads fail you, you’ll have something to fall back on.

Sometimes growing a business way too fast can get you out of business. The story is quite rare, but it happens.

Ask yourself, if you were to grow at a rapid pace, will you have time to train employees? This is difficult without a substantial trial and error record, let alone finding the right person for the job.

How will you service the incoming demand without helpers?

Don’t be too hasty, but don’t be too slow that you don’t take any actions either.

The time frame of SEO is six months – 1 year to see very nice consistent results.

You’ll have enough leads coming in per day to qualify and land big projects for your business. It also gives you time to create a process and system for your business.

“So what happens after the 6months to a year of SEO?”

You can either choose to continue it (Most people do). Or stop it and cruise, but your rankings will drop lower than competitors who are continuing to do SEO.

The beautiful thing is when your business grows, the SEO company that you pay the services for will not go up on their prices. So as you grow, the cost of SEO stays the same.

If you don’t stop SEO, it keeps growing as your business grows. Imagine you dominating the search engine in your first year… Then the second year… The third and so on.

You will completely take over the organic search engine and always have a steady stream of leads. The best part is it’s all organic, so competitors need to figure out a way to beat you, which isn’t easy either.

Within that time, you, as a business owner, would have an experience of a lifetime. You’ll know your business inside and out, which helps you take on the growth.

“I’m starting out in SEO how will I be able to compete against the guys who are doing this for a long time?”

Most people have terrible SEO services that get them no results. The reason for this is they opt-in for cheap SEO companies that promise them the world. Here’s an article talking about why you didn’t get any results doing SEO with the last company.

Find a good company to work with like ours, and we can plan a strategy that’ll propel your business ahead with SEO.


SEO is a long-term game. It helps sets your business up for success and a safety cushion to fall back on.

With a solid SEO campaign, you can combine it with paid ads to further grow and speed up your business’s growth.

If you’re the top landscaper on Google for your local area, you’re killing it.

Singing Out,


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