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What is SEO and How It Works For Your Business

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. You’re probably scratching your head thinking, “Ok… That sounds pretty cool, but what does it have to do with my business?”

It’s 2019 and if you’re a business owner who hasn’t caught on with what SEO is, you’re missing out on a huge chunk of your market. Eventually,  all of your competitors will go fully digital because of how much business they get for having an online presence. SEO is especially important when you live in thriving cities like Austin, TX.

Here at Value Web Solution, we’re an Austin SEO agency helping you get a huge advantage on your business’s SEO. We’ll set you right on track with digital marketing. Visit our blog posts if you’re familiar with SEO and like to hear the latest SEO updates and more.

You’ll be amazed at what SEO can do for your business.

SEO is basically the actions you’d perform inside and outside of your website to help determine how high it will rank on Google’s organic search results. It’s like trying to game the system.


You have to do it the honest way and avoid any black hat SEO tricks that will get you penalized harshly by Google’s algorithms.

If you’ve ever searched for anything on the internet, you’ve most likely been using Google to help you. Do a web search and type in “How to Bake a Cake” on Google’s search bar. You’ll instantly be given the top search queries for the best websites on how to bake that perfect cake.

Ranking on Google is all based on targeting high search volume keywords. Google collects these keywords from people around your city, state, or country. Google then uses its algorithm to crawl your website for these high search volume keywords. Finally, like an almighty judge, Google begins ranking and positioning you on their pages. 

You’re either on top of the page or all the way back where no one can even see you. Which sucks big time!

The higher you rank the more exposure you get from people searching for specific keywords relating to your business & industry. You’d always want to aim to be 1st page and ideally position 1 on google.

Think of it like having your business location right in the heart of the heaviest traffic area of the city. Visibility-wise. This is ideal for any business. But since we’re talking about the internet. The potential is even greater. You gain exposure on a local, national and global scale!

This all sounds great, but how hard is it to do SEO for your business?

Seo Austin - Value Web Solution - Austin, Texas

The truth is it can be both difficult and easy to do. Keyword popularity (a.k.a search volume) and time are your friends when it comes to SEO.

Ranking your business’s website onto page 1 and position 1 is determined by how competitive certain keywords are in your industry and location. Competitiveness is determined by the search volume that certain keywords have.

  • The more competitive your keywords. The more time it will take.
  • the less competitive your keywords. The less time it will take.

You need to have realistic expectations of the time frame it takes to rank your web page. With the right expectation we start researching keywords relevant to your business and look into two types of SEO strategies:

  1. On-Page SEO
  2. Off-Page SEO

We won’t bore you with the extreme details of these two types of SEO.  Just know that On-Page SEO is what you can do on your website like the structure and design of a specific page on your site.  And Off-Page SEO is what you can do outside of your website such as building links with popular blogs and websites in your industry. Off-Page SEO is somewhat like networking your web page with those in your industry. You help each other by linking to each other’s website when guest posting or mentioning each other on certain pages.

Phew! ok… that was long…

Now that you have an understanding of how SEO works and what it can do for your business, how will you plan your SEO strategy?

There are many SEO companies out there promising way more than what they can deliver. Some may even use black hat SEO strategies that ruin a business’s entire ranking.

You want to start your SEO with the right approach and do it the correct, right, and honest way from the start. We do it the right way and help grow your business.

seo that gets you better leads and more sales

We'll Help Create Your Winning SEO Campaign

Seo Austin - Value Web Solution - Austin, Texas

SEO Is A Long-Term Game Don't Let Fake Gurus Tell You Otherwise

Remember when we said there was something called “Black Hat SEO”? Black Hat SEO is all about finding shortcuts that go against Google rules for Short-term ranking gains.

Many internet marketing companies take a short-term approach to SEO. They may even promise you the world, but never really deliver any real results. Some may successfully get you ranking quick with tricks and gimmicks that are offensive to Google. But within six months to a year, Google will have updated its algorithm and punish the websites that choose to use these tricks. You’ll destroy your website’s rankings, lose all of your website’s traffic, and your business will lose a source of income that it drives from SEO.

Real businesses that focus on long-term growth will understand that SEO is a long-term game that will bear good fruits for years to come. If you do SEO the right way your business will thrive even when Google updates their algorithm.

We’re an Austin SEO company that focuses on a long-term SEO strategy for businesses. A long-term strategy is great for long-term wealth. You’ll be considered an authority, build tremendous trust around your brand, and build great connections with other leaders within your industry.

Why Even Focus On SEO When There are Google Ads (PPC), FaceBook Ads?

“Why should I play this long-term game when I can just pay Google to get fast results?”

Unless your business has an unlimited budget to spend, using paid advertising is not a bad idea. You can get real fast short-term results, but it also gets super expensive fast. Not many businesses have an unlimited budget luxury to play with. Doing so would put you out of business fast if not done correctly.

SEO shouldn’t be compared to PPC and Facebook Ads but more as a solid foundation that will allow a business to successfully implement PPC and Facebook Ads in the future. 

If you can dominate Google’s search engine you will make much more once you start diving into paid ads. SEO is your safety net. If paid ads fail you, you’ll always have money coming in organically from SEO.

As soon as you get ranked on top of Google in your industry, it will make it harder for your competitors to take your place. They would have to rely on paid ads just to compete, but since you got your SEO down, you can easily get into paid ads and have an easier time beating out your competition without too many worries.

Seo Austin - Value Web Solution - Austin, Texas
Seo Austin - Value Web Solution - Austin, Texas

We Focus On Long-Lasting Organic SEO Results

You may have looked at many other SEO agencies in Austin and even dabbled with some PPC agencies. We’re glad to see you’re researching to find the right agency to work with. Many agencies only focus on short-term and try to get you in fast and out slow.

The thing with SEO is you can’t just accept anyone. And you shouldn’t work with companies that many of your competitors are working with. It’ll be a game of favorites and who can pay these SEO companies more to get top positions on the best keywords..

Google only has 10 position for each first page per unique keyword(s) you’re aiming for in your location. And they only have a few positions on the first page. If you and all your competitors in your city are working with the same SEO company expect mediocre results at best.

We don’t accept just anyone. That’s not to sound arrogant. Like what we described above it wouldn’t be fair to you if we snuck behind your back and start working with your competitors on the low key. 

We limit the amount of business within each industry in every city. We are committed to a long-term strategy with real results that helps grow your businesses as long as the internet and Google exists.

The 7 Steps To Building A Successful SEO Campaign

Running a successful SEO campaign will allow your business to work for you rather than you working hard on it day in and day out just to keep it going. This will free up a lot of time and stress. You’ll be bringing in leads and make more without paying expensive ads.

SEO companies that don’t have a proper plan and steps in place will confuse you with jargon and tricks that won’t do your business any good.

Here at Value Web Solution, we have a plan for you to win. We are happy to share it here and get you to understand our entire process. 

How to make SEO work for your business requires 7 actionable steps. We keep it extremely simple and guide you every step of the way. Leave all the hard technical stuff to our team of Austin’s finest SEO experts.

There is one thing we do ask of you and that is we want t you to understand the roadmap that must be taken for success. You should also have realistic expectations when starting SEO work. Remember it’s a long-term strategy, not a quick short-term thing.

SEO isn’t as complicated as it’s made out to be, but it does require a lot of work and patience. 

Take a look at the little map we drew out for you down below. We’ll explain each one in detail and get your thinking about SEO the right way.

Step 1: We start with Keyword Research. Finding the best keywords to rank your business for and let you choose what’s relevant to your business. We’ll set up a tracking system from the start so you’ll see the changes going every month.

Step 2: We analyze your competitors’ keywords and overall strategy. You won’t understand the whole picture. But we’ll cut it the picture into small bits and explain to you what’s going on. 

Step 3: We take a look at your Website and fix certain design structures to make Google easily crawl your website and start ranking you in the future.

Step 4: We then write high-quality content with the keywords you’ve chosen in step 1 and step 2. Google will think you’re an absolute star with the quality of content you’ll be putting out.

Step 5: We connect with other high-quality websites and businesses related to your industry. They’ll link to your website and you’ll link back to theirs. This shows Google you’re legit and other people think so too.

Step 6: As we work on your SEO, you’ll notice organic leads/sales come in. People are beginning to find you on Google. The best part is you didn’t have to pay the expensive costs of paid ads every day to do it. 

Step 7: We keep on working and tweaking things to get you on page 1 and position 1 of Google. You will own a large portion of traffic and get quality leads/sales per day. We continue to update and monitor your website every year and keep you in position.

Seo Austin - Value Web Solution - Austin, Texas
Seo Austin - Value Web Solution - Austin, Texas
Seo Austin - Value Web Solution - Austin, Texas

Let's Get Your Business Started On SEO The Right Way

Your Search Engine Optimization Success Made Simple

Easy To Understand | Effective Strategies | Big Results

Customized SEO Marketing Strategy

We take the time to understand your business. By doing deep research into your industry and analyzing your competitors we can draft a fully customized strategy unique to your business. SEO is different for every business depending on where they currently stand. We'll advise on the best approach that makes the most sense. The strategy will be laid out with clear instructions and details so you can see the direction we're headed with ranking your website on Google's search engine. ​

Monthly SEO Report & Analysis

We'll set aside time every month to sit down and review progress made from executing the SEO strategy. Small progress can happen and be seen within 1-2 months. Within 6-12 months you will see some fantastic SEO rankings at play. There are many ranking factors on Google's platform during the SEO process. We'll be uncovering many of these factors and show you from the results why certain things happen. We can then continue to keep doing the right things and cut out what no longer works.

100% Upfront No Gimmicks

We make SEO simple. Usually, the companies that make it hard for their clients to understand SEO is because they are hiding something. We are transparent and will tell you exactly what's happening. Nothing is being hidden and no big fancy words. We make it extremely simple for you to understand what's going on because we care about your results. On top of that, we want to see our strategy at play and is bringing in real results. You must understand SEO so you can see why it's great for your business.

Personal Help and Attention

We answer your questions and concerns quickly. With our customer service, you'll receive feedback within a day and no later. You can always expect to hear when you ring us up, if not we'll call you back the same day. Since we are picky and don't take on just any client for SEO services, we have more time dedicated to helping you. Your business deserves our attention. Since we are results driven, we always want you to get the latest updates and news.

Long-Term Focus For Growth

We've mentioned many times that SEO is a long-term game. We strategize to get not just long-lasting results, but also to keep you on top of Google. We want to make it hard for your competitors to outrank you. If they want to outrank you on Google's search engine they'll have to put in a lot of effort. Our long-term approach will help your business confidently venture into paid ads without too many complications. Let us help you build a strong foundation on SEO.

Professional Team of SEO Experts

We're a small team of experts who know what Google likes. When you work with us your business will be using insider's secrets on SEO to rank on top of Google. When we say insider's secrets we don't mean shortcuts and tricks. What we mean is years of knowledge and experimentation done on our own that have proven to work. We focus on organic results from delivering quality content, website structure, and linking with top authorities.

Get A Fresh Start: Is Your Website's Primed For SEO?

How is your website? Is it optimized and good for Google’s search engine? 

Sure you may have just recently had a good web designer design your website. But here’s the thing, most web designers tend to emphasize design a lot more than SEO. 

Don’t get us wrong, we love web design. Truth is, we are an Austin Web Design and SEO company. From an SEO standpoint, some designs just aren’t SEO friendly, even though they’re beautiful and stunning. 

What we emphasis first is SEO before Web Design. The reason for this is to make your website looks good for the user experience while complying with Google’s ranking factors. As Google gets smarter and updates its algorithm, we’ll soon be able to implement any design while being SEO friendly. For now, we’ll just have to wait and do our best to meet its current standards.

Google cares more about the content on your website. Things such as blog posts, videos, pages, links, and how fast your website loads. Keep these factors in mind every time you do website design or redesign.

P.S: If you need a free website audit to see where you’re at, please contact us asap!

Seo Austin - Value Web Solution - Austin, Texas
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